how to get there

Take the Topanga Beach Bus to the General Store stop (southbound) or Pine Tree Circle stop (northbound).  (directions)



Walk .5 mile north on Topanga Canyon to Entrada then one block north to trailhead.

Nearest water and toilet are at the trailhead.


Walk a half block NW to Old Topanga Canyon Rd then .4 mile NW on Old Topanga to trailhead.

NOTES:  ​Topanga Beach Bus schedule and map

This Beach Bus sign marks the bus stops.  Signal the driver when you see this bus approaching.  


Signs marking Beach Bus stops can be hard to see, as they're one-sided. The bus stop at the Santa Monica train station is here in the far corner of the parking lot with the sign facing away.


The southbound bus stop in Topanga is "General Store" on the schedule and is in the store parking lot.  The northbound bus stop in Topanga is "Pine Tree Circle" on the schedule and is directly across the road from the General Store.

Tell the driver which stop you're going to as you near Topanga.

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