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Agoura Hills - Cheeseboro Canyon

How to get there

Take transit to Agoura Rd/Chesebro Rd. [map]


​Walk 1 block north on Chesebro Rd, continue north .3 mi on Palo Comado Canyon Rd, turn right at Chesebro, walk north .4 mi to trailhead.  [map]


A toilet is at the parking lot on Cheseboro Canyon Rd .6 mi north of the trailhead. [map]  A food shop is on Palo Comado .25 mi from bus stop.


Agoura Hills - Liberty Canyon

Malibu Creek State Park

How to get there

Take transit to Agoura Rd/Liberty Canyon Rd. [map]


Walk 0.6 mile south on Liberty Canyon to trailhead gate. [map] [street view]


Nearest water, toilet and sodas are at Malibu Creek State Park on the trail 2.5 miles south of the gate. [map]

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