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Rancho Santa Margarita - O'Neill Park

Trabuco & Live Oak Canyons
⁌ 15 - 30 minute walk to trail
Take transit to 58 Morning Glory. There are two possible bus stops, depending on your direction of travel.

From Corta/Santa Margarita: Walk a block east on Santa Margarita, turn left at Avd Empressa and walk a block to the paved bike path. Turn right and continue .8 mile to the park entrance. [street view]

From Santa Margarita/Avd De Las Flores: Walk a block north on Avd de Las Flores, turn left at Via Con Dios, right at Sweetleaf, left at Morning Glory, right at Primrose, then right at Montana to the park entrance. [street view]
Water and toilet are at the park entrance. A convenience store and fast food are at the Corta bus stop. Water, toilet and groceries (Target) and fast food are at the Avd De Las Flores bus stop.  There is no weekend bus service to this area. Area buses accept cash and passes which can be purchased on the bus or with the OC Bus App. [OC Transit]

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