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Calabasas -  Las Virgenes Park

⁌ 3-17 minute walk to trails ⁍
How to get there
Take transit to Agoura Rd/Las Virgenes Rd.

To Anza Loop trail: walk a block north on Las Virgenes, turn right at unmarked Rondell St, to the north end of the hotel parking lot. [Google directions]

To Bark Park trail: walk .8 mi south on Las Virgenes, turn left at A.E. Wright and walk up the hillside into the park. [Google directions]

To Yaroslavsky trail: walk .6 mi north on Las Virgenes Rd and turn left into the parking lot. [Google directions]
Water. toilet and food are at the bus stop (Albertsons). Water and toilet are at the Anza Loop trailhead (Cambria Hotel lobby) and Bark Park trailheads. A toilet is at the Zev Yaroslavsky trailhead.

The Calabasas Shuttle is available in this area M-F.
CalTopo map of walking directions to Las Virgenes trails
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