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Glendale - Beaudry Loop

Take transit to Cañada/Country Club.  (directions)

Walk .5 mile  NW on Country Club, .4 mile West on Beaudry to trailhead.  (street view)

NOTES: Nearest water & toilet are at Glorietta Park (2 blocks S on Cañada, 1 block E on Sombra).


A shop for drinks and snacks is at the east side of Glorietta Park.


Glendale - Brand Park

Take transit to Glenoaks/Western. (directions)


Walk 1 mile NE on Western to park entrance. (street view)

NOTE:  Nearest water and toilet are in the park.  Shops for drinks and snacks are at the bus stop.


Glendale - Deukmejian Park

Take transit to Foothill/Dunsmore.  (directions)


Walk 1 mile north on Dunsmore then 1 block east on Markridge to park entrance.  (street view)

NOTES:  Nearest water and toilet are at the trailhead.

Mt Lukens weather forecast​


Glendale - Whiting Woods

Take transit to Montrose/Pennsylvania.  (directions)

Walk .4 mile S on Pennsylvania & Honolulu to Whiting Woods, .4 mile SW on Whiting Woods

(street view)

NOTE:  A shop for drinks and snacks is on Pennsylvania 1 block N of bus stop.


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