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What's this?
LA Transit to Trails is my curated list of transit-friendly hiking areas around the Los Angeles area, started in pandemic times when hiking was suddenly in fashion.  All the transit and walking directions have been verified in person and include useful tips such as where to fill your water bottle, get a snack or go to pee after that long bus ride. I hope it inspires you to explore some of the amazing LA-area hikes you can reach by bus and train. - Kevin
What's new?
--- 2024 ---
April 13 - added Palo Comado Canyon in Agoura Hills
March 28 - added 3 areas in Riverside
March 22 - new Calabasas page
March 12 - new Hacienda Hills page
--- 2023 ---
Nov 11 - new Palmdale page
Oct 25 - added 3 areas in Thousand Oaks
Oct 22 - added Vermont Canyon in Griffith Park
Oct 15 - new Westlake Village page
Sep 28 - added Big Sky in Simi Valley
Aug 27 - new Ventura page
Aug 17 - new Thousand Oaks
How to use the walking directions maps?
Download the free CalTopo app.

At your destination open the corresponding LA Transit to Trails page. Tap the map to open it in CalTopo.

Tap the 4-dot button in the bottom right corner of the CalTopo map, then tap the Keep Centered button.

The map will center on your current location, indicated by a blue dot. The direction the top of your phone is facing is indicated by a blue arrow.

Turn until the arrow is pointing along the dotted route, and walk in the direction of the arrow. The dot will move to show your current position.

More help is available in the app.
example of CalTopo interface
map icons
bus icon
bus stop
walking path icon
hiker icon
drinking water icon
drinking water
public toilet icon
public toilet
food shop icon
food shop
Why don't you use Google maps for directions?
Google's walking directions are often wrong or absurdly complicated.  Example: Driving directions vs Walking directions from the bus stop to the trailhead. The directions here and their corresponding CalTopo maps are created with transit hikers in mind by actually busing and walking the route.  I try to keep them up-to-date.
Can the hikes be searched by length/difficulty/etc?
Transit-accessible hikes near Los Angeles at AllTrails has all these same hikes in a nice searchable format, but take their directions with a bit of skepticism (see "Why don't you use Google maps for directions?" above).
Do I need an Adventure Pass or State Parks Pass to hike in the mountains?
No. Passes are only for vehicle access to certain sites. You're not a vehicle. Go. Enjoy.
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