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Lancaster - Saddleback Butte

From LA, this is an all-day adventure to the Mojave beginning with the first Metrolink train, and returning on the last train.  Metrolink's schedule makes it possible only on weekdays, M-F.  Arriving at the trailhead by noon allows 4 hours to explore before the returning bus at 4:30.  You may not have time between transfers to find meals, so bring a pack.

Take transit to 170th St. E & Ave K-8.  (directions)

​Walk 300 ft east to 170th, .5 mile north on 170th to Ave K, 500 ft east to campground.  (street view)

NOTES:  Nearest water and toilet are at the campground.

Water, toilet and snack vending machines are available inside the Palmdale Metrolink Station.


There are toilets at Lancaster and Newhall Stations which are sporadically open.

Hikes at Saddleback Butte

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