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Griffith Park - Fern Dell

Take transit to Hollywood/Western.  (directions)


Walk .7 mile north on Western to trailhead.  (street view)

NOTE:  Nearest water and toilet are on trail .5 mile from trailhead.  Shops for drinks and snacks are at the transit stop.


Griffith Park - Oak Canyon & Rattlesnake Trail

Take transit to Zoo/Riverside. (directions)


​​​TO RATTLESNAKE TRAIL:  Walk .6 mile west on Main Trail, turn left at dirt lot (street view), cross Zoo Dr to trailhead.  (street view)

TO OAK CANYON:  Walk 1 mile west on Main Trail, turn left into gate at corner of Zoo Dr and Forest Lawn, walk .15 mi east across field and pass through tunnel under Zoo Dr.

NOTES:  Nearest water is at west end of picnic area at Rattlesnake trailhead, and near Oak Canyon trailhead at east end of horse arena.  Nearest toilet is .2 mi west of bus stop at Zoo Drive.


Griffith Park - Observatory

Take transit to Sunset/Vermont, then take the DASH Observatory shuttle to the observatory.  (directions)


Trailheads are at the north end of the parking lot (street view), and north on West Observatory Road (street view). 

NOTES:  DASH shuttle operates from 10am to 10pm only. (DASH info)  At other times hike to the observatory from Fern Dell (see above).

Nearest water and toilet are at the observatory parking lot. A cafe for drinks and snacks is on the observatory lower level. (hours)


Griffith Park - Old Zoo

Take transit to the Griffith Park/Park Ranger Office stop. (directions)


Walk .2 mile west to trailhead.

NOTE:  Nearest water and toilet are near the merry-go-round.

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