Altadena - Millard Canyon

Millard Falls and Dawn Mine are the main attractions here for day-hikers; following the creek in the shade of alder, oak, maple and sycamore trees make it especially pleasant on warm days. The transit hiker is immediately challenged by a 740-foot climb up Chaney Trail to the top of Sunset Ridge, but the outstanding hikes are well worth the effort.

 how to get there

Take transit to Fair Oaks/Wapello.  (directions)

Walk .2 mile west on Loma Alta to Chaney Trail Rd, then .8 mile north on Chaney to the trail just past the National Forest sign. (street view)  Continue .5 mile up the trail to the crest.

​​NOTESMetro Micro rideshare is available in this area.

Nearest water and toilet are .8 mile west of bus stop at Loma Alta Park.​

hikes from Millard Canyon