Altadena - Cobb Estate

Built in 1918 by retired lumber magnate Charles Cobb, this 107 acre estate passed through many owners and prospective developers until 1971 when it was finally auctioned to a community group for preservation. Today it marks the head of the very popular Sam Merrill Trail to the top of 5,500 ft. Mount Lowe, passing by the fascinating ruins of the Echo Mountain resort and historic Mount Lowe Railway.

 how to get there

Take transit to Fair Oaks/Wapello.  (directions)


Walk .7 mile east on Loma Alta through the Cobb Estate gates.  (street view)

NOTESMetro Micro rideshare is available in this area.

Nearest water is on the trail 500 ft east of the gate.  Nearest toilet is 3 blocks south of the gate at Farnsworth Park. (good news, everyone!)

Mt Lowe weather forecast

Echo Mountain weather forecast

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