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About the site

Welcome to LA Transit to Trails, a curated list of transit-friendly hiking areas around the Los Angeles area.  All the transit and walking directions here have been verified in person and include useful tips such as where to fill your water bottle, get a snack or go to pee after that long bus ride.  This is not intended to be a comprehensive directory, but I hope it inspires you to explore some of the amazing LA-area day-hikes easily reachable by bus and train!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions don't hesitate to let me know!



Why don't some areas have google walking directions?
Sometimes Google's walking directions are ridiculous. Here's an example of the directions for a 1.3 mile walk from bus stop to trail. The directions here and their corresponding CalTopo maps are created by a person actually walking the shortest, best route.
How to use the walking directions maps?
Download the free CalTopo app.

At your destination open the corresponding LA Transit to Trails page. Tap the map to open it in CalTopo.

Tap the 4-dot button in the bottom right corner of the CalTopo map, then tap the Keep Centered button.

The map will center on your current location, indicated by a blue dot. The direction the top of your phone is facing is indicated by a blue arrow.

Turn until the arrow is pointing along the dotted route, and walk in the direction of the arrow. The dot will move to show your current position.

More help is available in the app.
map icons
bus stop
drinking water
public toilet
food shop
Don't I need an Adventure Pass to hike in the mountains?
No. Adventure Passes are only for vehicle access to certain sites. You're not a vehicle. Go. Enjoy.
Why isn't my favorite trailhead listed?
Considerations for including hike areas are pretty subjective. Areas with a large number of trails, more interesting hikes, far from other hiking opportunities, popularity, and distance from a transit stop are some of the criteria. Outstanding qualities can override the negatives, so, for example, a really amazing trail can justify a too-long walk from the bus.

...or maybe I just haven't found it yet. If you know of an area or trail you'd like me to check out, write
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